Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Working Out Consistently

I mentioned in a previous post that one of my goals was to work out more. It still is a goal but I am finding it hard to consistently work out. I think the reason is because "work out more" is not really a defined goal. There is little to motivate me when I think about it in those terms.

I need to sent a tangible goal if I really do want to work out more (which I do).

Fortunately, what I have done is record how much I have been working out over the past 5 weeks. Here has been my breakdown:
  • Week 1: 3.8 miles ran, 65 push ups
  • Week 2: 6.2 miles ran, 70 push ups
  • Week 3: 4.8 miles ran, 35 push ups
  • Weak 4: 2.9 miles ran, 30 push ups
  • Week 5: 4.3 miles ran, 40 push ups
As you can see my work outs have been all over the place. The reason: I work out when I can and when I am busy I just don't do it. I really have not made it a priority. So I am setting a new goal: run 5 miles a week and do 100 push ups. Once I can consistently do this I want to bump it up even more.

A big future motivator will be the fact that my wedding and honeymoon are less than a year away! It is never too soon to get into shape to look good for my future wife on the beaches of Hawaii.

Photo: Stuart Seeger

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  1. Note to my reader: first week after post...5.4 miles ran, 100 push ups. Keeping track of my work outs and this blog post definetly pushed me to reach the goals.