Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Overcoming Obstacles

Everyone has moments in life where it seems like everything is going wrong. You cannot catch a break. Instead of worrying about reaching your goals you have to worry about if you can find a new job or if your relationship will work or how to get over the death of a loved one.

We do not live in a bubble. Outside stressors affect how we feel and influence our ability to reach our goals. When times get tough my attention usually is focused on staying afloat rather than self improvement.

Here are a few tips for balancing personal problems and remaining focused on your priorities:
  • Deal with the problem(s). Some problems do not go away easily and require our attention before they are resolved. Focus your attention on either fixing the problem (if possible), understanding why it happened (if possible) and then accepting it. Once you get yourself back on track you can attend to your goals full-steam.
  • Modify you goals based on new circumstances. Sometimes when big things come up in our lives we have to modify what we want to accomplish. Review your goals and make sure they are still in line with your current situation.
  • Stay positive. Sometimes this can be very difficult to do. Think of the good things in your life, do not get too down. This does not mean ignore your problems (see first bullet).
  • Understand your motivations. Know why you are trying to accomplish something. If a goal has little meaning for you, you probably will not accomplish it when times get tough.
  • Make time for goals. Many people are so busy that they rarely make time for themselves. This can be especially true during times of turmoil. Even if it is for only 30 minutes a day, make time for yourself and your goals.
  • Create habits. Creating routines where you slowly work toward your priorities is an easy way to stay on task. My next post will be covering this is the topic more in depth.
Just because obstacles come up does not mean you have to stop reaching for your goals. There are 100 different ways to reach one goal. When you cannot reach something the way you originally thought try another way. If that doesn't work, try another way. It is easy to make excuses when things come up, but there is always a way forward.

Photo: Mykl Roventine


  1. Ryan,
    You have a great blog site and I hope that many folks will visit and hear what you have to say. I know that I'll be back. I like the photos with your posts, and the simplicity of your writing and style. Congratulations.

    It seems as if yours and my thoughts are in the same vein (my blog: Simply Said.) In fact, yesterday's post was about breaking free of the obstacles (or 'barnacles') that can hold us back from creativity and from being all that we can be.

    In case you want to take a look at that blog post, here is that link:


    Joanne Maly
    Lincoln Maly Marketing, Cincinnati

  2. Joanne: Glad to hear that you liked the blog.

    I checked your barnacle post out and found it interesting and thoughtful.

    Keep up the good work!