Saturday, February 6, 2010

Break on Through

It is really easy to get sidetracked from accomplishing goals.  Spend five minutes looking through my archives and you will see some great examples.

Often there is something in our lives that we want to change, we get excited, set a goal, hit a bump and become discouraged.

A big component to successfully reaching goals is being able to overcome these setbacks and mini-failures.

In light of this, here are a few tips to overcoming this cycle and associated barriers:
  • It's a continuous cycle.  The cycle doesn't have to end after giving up once.  Get back on the horse.
  • Progress is progress.  Setting goals, making a bit of progress and failing is better than doing nothing.
  • Break on through.  When you initially hit resistance or find yourself too busy it doesn't mean you have to quit.  If, for some reason, you missed a week of working out, just start again the next week.  Do not get too down on yourself because...
  • Everybody fails.  Everybody.  If you do not occasionally hit resistance you are probably not setting hard enough goals.  Push yourself! (On the flip-side, if you are doing nothing but failing, set some really easy goals. Accomplish them and make the goals a little bit harder.  Incrementally give yourself more confidence in your ability to succeed.)
  • You will always be busy, so make some time.  This is the biggest one for me.  It really is true-- unexpected stuff is going to come up, you will be busy...just deal with it.
Failure is part of life.  Embrace it, get over it and dominate. 

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  1. Everybody fails? WHAT? I don't believe this. Surely I will never fail! Yea right, I'm one of those can't get it right on the first try kind of guys. Doesn't matter what, a relationship, a math problem, a quesadilla, its all the same. And the part about it never being the right time is spot on. You can never have or make more time so you might as well figure out wear to fit it in because time ain't slowing down for you that is for SURE!